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and prayers. the united states condemns, in the strongest terms, this outrageous and shocking attack. we are working with the government of libya to secure our diplomats. i have also directed the administration to increase security and diplomatic posts around the world. make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. since our founding, the united states has been a nation that respects all groups. we reject all efforts to denigrate religious beliefs of others. there is no justification to this type of senseless violence already, many libyans have joined us in doing so. this attack will not break the bonds between the united states and libya. the libyans of bat against the attackers alongside americans a they carry the ambassadors body to the hospital. at the height of the revolution, chris let our diplomatic post in benghazi. he built partnerships with libyan revolutionaries and helped them as they planned to build a new libya. we have relied deeply of his knowledge of the situation there. he was a role model to all who wo
the united states of america, destroyed homes while women and children are in the homes, incarcerate the youth of america, impose 5 different wars on many neighbors, and always threaten others, what would you do? what would you say? would you help it? or would you help the people of the united states? so when we say -- when we say to be wiped we say for occupation to be wiped off from this world. for war seeking to be wiped off, the killing of women and children to be irradicated. we propose the path. the path is to recognize thet thright of the -- recognize the right of the palestinians, allow the people to make decisions regarding their own future. >> he is sketched to address -- scheduled to address on wednesday. >>> inland valleys down into the low 80s. 85 in livermore and antioch. north bay, upper 70s. cooler conditions side because of the fog. tomorrow we could expect similar conditions to what we saw today. fog pushing into the bay shores. clear skies right now. but fog into the morning hours. 70ss and 80s tomorrow. cooler wednesday but we warm back up thursday and into the we
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and did warn us that they were going to do this. ups is more of a dividend in the united states. i think ups will be in business to the day that i die. i go brown today. apple's stock has gone up almost 700. the stock did cross the $700 which got a lot of people happy. in the first weekend of the iphone 5 they projected this. >> 6:49 a.m. now. let's take a look at the weather. happy to say to you let's take a look outside. gray skies are out as we start the morning. we do have a lot of cloud cover. we are talking clouds down in san jose. as you focus your attention on the the numbers 54 in hayward, and 56 degrees. in the 7:00 hour we are seen a lot of cloud cover as we head into the afternoon. we are talking about clause in the san matell area. in terms of the clouds it will keep the sun shine from door in this thing. at specs '70s and the south and 77 in santa clara. eighties will be for the most part in pittsburg and antioch. it will be significantly cooler. it will be another mile day in the bay. downtown san francisco will be about eight degrees cooler. high clouds are expected in da
leased it was to determine why this happened. >>pam: the united states flag is at half staff outside of the siege of the field office in martinez. >> those wishing to pay their respects have started a memorial of flowers. >> this officer gave me a ticket to be to go on franklin canyon road. he apologized when he gave me the ticket. >>pam: today, here is a look back on some of those ride along as. >>stanley: since 2006, i have had the privilege and honor of riding along with officers from the california highway patrol golden gate division. the golden gate division covers the highways and byways from solano to san jose and everything in between. >> every officer is a student i have shared the roadway with well cars zip by, they have shown nothing but professionalism. >> you often hear people say an officer was on a routine stop before the record there is nothing routine. >> of the over 50 ride along, never has a segment in exactly the same. >> and take my hat off to every california highway patrol traffic officer. >>pam: another person have died from hantavirus. in total, six
of the greatest nation on earth! thank you! god bless you! god bless these united states ! [ cheering and applause ] >> president took a shot at what he believes is his opponent's inexperience as foreign policy. >> my opponent and his running mate are -- new to foreign policy. [ cheering and applause ] >> but from all that we've seen and heard, they want to take us back to an era of blustering and blundering that cost america so dearly. you don't call russia our no. 1 enemy. not al-qaeda, russia, unless you're still stuck in a cold war mind warp. >> many other big names took to the podium. caroline kennedy, scarlett johanson, many others. joe biden said america is in a better place because of the president's decision. he gave a largely positive speech vouching for the president's character and leadership. he took aim at the republican ticket as well. >> our republican opponents are just dead wrong about this, america is not in decline! america is not in decline! i've got news for governor romney, and congressman ryan, it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people! [ cheering and ap
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. >> an official hall did olive. >> the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. famine and a long, hundredth street to america and converged outside of the swiss embassy devilfish american interests. anti-american violence keeps spreading. iraq is one of the other house cause serious see list yes, there is word of one arrests in the killing of four american embassy workers. aside from the ambassador we now know that american civil that shaw's vessels also self and the former difficile lens of the chiefs fear if the ambassadors of all said the family is devastated. >> are have lost a son. i know what it is like and i know what they're going through right now. , the demonstrations in the damage. yemen is the seen some of the worst of it. here, as you see a man holding an american flag on fire. the upper case on and the background, you can see people stealing this fence to the u.s. embassy. mamet this is damage on the ground. and this in egypt, people were throwing rocks and stones at local military police. o >> said so far there is no sign of things settling dow
. >> let me state very clearly and i hope that it is obvious that the united states government had absolutely nothing with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. >> to of those four americans from this recent with two of those four americans are from san diego county. tyrone woods and glen dougherty he was helping the wounded when they were killed the family is crushed. >> he was an amazing human being and we are devastated. he was a great friend, brother. and really good at his job. it is a huge loss for everyone. >> foreign service information service member is also killed weather this was a coordinated act of terror >> 6:06 a huge rally from wall street as they cut the economic help they have been waiting for. the federal government reported a stimulus measure. they will purchase $40 billion in mortgage-backed securities each month. the dow was up over 200 points. we have not seen these levels since december 20th 07 and also the s&p 500 was at a five- year high court for many analysts said they do not want to get used to this because they think that this rall
of the world. no act of violence will shake the united states of america. gabe slate tech report it will not dim ... the light of the values. >> and i have directed my administration to do whatever it is necessary. for the americans serving abroad is one of my highest priorities as president. >> libyan leaders have apologized. and given the prime minister calling this a criminal act. meanwhile mitt romney is backing down on his criticism. staring around the controversy that started earlier this week and thinking that president obama was apologizing about the u.s. attacks in the middle east. instead, he showed grieving. >> what a tragedy. wonderful people cured (crowd chanting) panel also they pointed to the support they receive from the bush administration. and mitt romney is correct to point that out. >> 5:48 let us check out the weather. >> good morning. it woul it is going to be a gorgeous day. pretty good conditions as we go towards the weekend. the fog is not as dense at the golden gate. which do not have any issues with visibility. however there was an earthquake in no
, this is not a film that the united states government had anything to do with. >> the film maker lives in california and has been identified. he has a criminal past and many aliases. >> tamara, a lot of 80 degree readings. >>gary: it is a friday night. we have some e-mail's. the giants in the days of dates . >>pam: the oakland a's are in a big series against the baltimore orioles on. it could help the oakland a's to make it into the playoffs. j.r stone spoke with fans about the excitement surrounding the team. >> the team is now in a fight for a playoff spot. when it goes to the percentage of seats sold, the athletics are 21 of out of 30. >> let's put you on one more time. >> it is all in good spirits and good taste. >> if you were not able to make it out to the day's gains, as they flee the orioles on saturday and sunday be fiesta de at the coliseum. >> visibility is still pretty good this hour. the fog will return shortly. details on that in your weekend forecast coming up. >>pam: coming up, presidential candidate mitt romney is sparking controversy with a few comments he made today. >>
that romney was alienating half the country. >> when your president of the united states, your president of all the people, not just the people voted for you. >> romney says the secret it recorded video may actually help clarify the philosophical differences. his campaign cannot be happy that were snippets from that talk keep surfacing, including the joke about not being latino >> it was born for mexican parents, i would have a better shot at winning this election. >>catherine: analysts have been arguing about how much this will hurt romney, others say it will only galvanize cysts conservative supporters. this video was discovered in the leaked by the grandson of the jimmy carter, james carter the fourth. >>pam: joining us now to talk about this, our political analyst. what is romney do to get back to what he wants to talk about? >> this is not good news to mitt romney. the only silver lining is, on him. he is this opportunity to get his message and maybe he can dig himself out of the mess. >>pam: if you said that romney has a couple of options? >> there are about $500 million out
for the president of the united states. i-accept. >> without a change of leadership with the next four years be any different? >>reporter: vice-president? responding. with social policy out of the 60s, and a foreign policy that opposes the cold war. >> before he goes to charlotte to will visit look the damage of issac several thousand people without power because of these storms. comcast channel 193 is kron 4's new 24/7 bay area news channel. no matter what time of the day or night it may be, when you need the very latest news, weather, and traffic information this is the place to find it. this is a live look at the bay bridge. >> apple is taking samsung back to court. now it is looking at the samsung galaxy 3 apple has already been awarded billions of dollars from a jury. however, 21 new smart phones, media players in tablets are on the chopping block the copyright infringement is eight of its patents. >> facebook users can do more with their pictures in just post. they can even print and the first is from snap fish printing at least 20 pages and even some walgreen's. each print is about $3.
award a united states citizen can receive what arnold palmer today. he was presented with a congressional gold medal in washington d.c.. >>pam: he even has a drink named after him. good night.
their violence. thousands of taking to the streets. >> there is no excuse. the united states will not tolerate efforts. their visit until the following region is safer. >> the members of the series of violent attacks against embassies. and consulate premises of nemesis and multiple locations. anti-muslim project that sparked a wave of mob violence across the middle east and may have created the cover for a deadly attack on us diplomats in official told the in libya, calling them patriots who served down their lives for others. >>reporter: some say it was deliberate. >> i was described actions by citizens. >>reporter: there is no believe that it continues to be pre-planned. demonstrations however continue to be ongoing in other areas of the globe. >> tonight the first looked into libya . the ruins, the blood stains smeared on the wall. saying that the tuesday night attack was planned by islamic militants. overwhelming american guards. the first line of defense was easily breached. this man died of smoke inhalation after being separated from his guard in the chaos. and the darkness. today, we s
the history of 9/11. >> many of the kids we spoke to agree. >> the united states should have that in their curriculum because -- because everybody's affected by it. >> i think this should be taught in school because teens should have a right to know about this -- about what happened. >> the tribute center is packed with exhibits. it also runs special programs for students, as well as guided walking tours of the area. >> for mr. ielpi, the center is very personal. his son jonathan, a firefighter, died on 9/11. that's his helmet and coat, along with photos of comrades who gave their lives trying to save others. an important part of the tribute center is a look at what happened aft9/11. the center believes that through education comes understanding. that's why visitors are asked to share their thoughts. for more information on the 9/11 tribute center, follow the link on our website. man: the environment is my passion. every day, i live for the outdoors and all of its challenges. that's why i enlisted in the coast guard. now i serve to protect the environment and defend my countr
another way how we consume and the united states. >>mark: some places are making it cheaper so it does not cost you anything up front. >>rob: that would be a pretty good business to be in. >>darya: i do the best buy thing. i buy now and pay it off and 18 months. >>james: we have a lot of whether to talk about here in this is a beautiful shot from our mt. tam cam. here are where the temperatures are at the moment. it is mostly fifties around the area right now. take a look at where temperatures will be at noon time. you can see '60s and along the coastline and '70s and '80s everywhere else >> in the afternoon he will see the east bay is going to warm up until -- to the '90s spin will be '70s and '80s the route most of the other parts of the bay. here are today's highs. we will expect conditions to be mild everywhere after today. if you're going to the baseball game today here are the conditions. it will be a little breezy out there. here is the 7 day around the bay. it is somewhat unpredictable for tomorrow. we have tropical conditions coming up from the south. wednesday evening and th
the biggest companies in the united states, facebook, walmart and walt disney world. the company's chair says he helped develop certain technology. he says his work enables browsers to host applications which are interactive. a judge already declared two patents invalid in february. those were against amazon, google and yahoo. >>> apple stock came close to the $700 mark and top $700 in after hours trading thanks to the new iphone 5. it doesn't even hit the stores till friday but people already started lining up what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney is on damage control tonight in southern california after he was caught speaking to a group of wealthy donors saying half
is not a good situation in the united states. >> especially if you're trying to grow the middle class. >> this is not a bad number for some of of spot the problem is that we're not creating jobs. >> i have heard and that some countries are bringing jobs back from china but there is automation that has trying to offset the price of labor. is the cost of labor going up in china? >> at some point in time. if it was made in japan, made in china at some point it will be made in thailand committed indonesia. we will continue to find a low-cost place. orc--made in indonesia. however, china has seen 11 consecutive months of slow growth. however, with europe continuing to grow. there is a race to see how the currency will grow. and i'm not saying that it is horrible. however, just a couple of percentage points. >> let us talk more about jobs with bank of america is going to be releasing 16,000 jobs by the end of the year. >> yes, at one point the want to try to slash $3 billion. with payroll cost cutting is savings. if you walk into a bank of america. it is a bit difficult. they are no longer
prices and the united states have now hit a nine year high. it looks like we've have come to a housing recovery. cherr >> we have not say much and the weather. 54 degrees i love hayward. pretty mild conditions and more chili in napa. as we head into the after known we can expect similar conditions as yesterday afternoon it will be almost 90 degrees for some of the area. we do have a warm-up to talk about. >> as we continue to monitor conditions on the san mateo bridge. traffic is still going smoothly. your quick commute shall issue that it is on interstate 580 and highway 4. on the peninsula conditions are pretty light. that accident that was reported earlier is now gone. >> the san mud tail county of boards are mateo county. thee basically voting on next year's budget but if the budget is approved they would like to put up a new prison. residents have been out and they are very unhappy about this. they feel that the money should be spent on social services not on a jail. our current jails are overcrowded and low-level offenders are not going to prison but to jail in said. they have to
and shrinking operations. " staples plan to trim retail square footage in the united states by 15 percent by the year 2015. the plan includes closing 30 stores in the downsizing or relocating another 30 stores by the end of the fiscal year. the company is also consolidating retail and online operations and closing 45 stores and delivery businesses in europe. >> the oakland a's are fighting for their playoff rights in another league inning thriller with the rangers. gary has sports coming up next. goliath would >>stanley: as an francisco is known worldwide for its tourist attractions. unfortunately, san francisco is also known as one of the dirtiest cities. tony lives on nob hill. >> people dump furniture's, boxes, up pillows, mattresses. i do not know if it is coming from this building or from neighbors. >>stanley: he is right, on the curb, mattresses, discorded liquor bottles, you name it. some people say it is because garbage cans removed in some areas but let's be honest, you cannot fit a mattress in a trash can. in the tenderloin district there are some streets better trash cans f
would go on to beat the united states ambassador to libya showed early signs of wanting to be a u.s. diplomat. >> he was very active in the model u.n. club. he was also editor in chief andand our award winning high school newspaper. the principal says his death is his example to commitment to service. >> once we get over the shock we will reflect on what we can do to share his life's work with our students. he was in the peace corps, he was active in community service he was an honorable person. on >>catherine: the embassy attack has ignited a firestorm on the campaign trail. on >> angry democrats are now saying this is no time for romney to be taking shots of u. s. farm policy. the romney campaign it canceled a florida campaign speech, sending supporter's home and held a news conference. >> a terrible course for america to withstand an apology for our values. >> democrats blasted romney for what they said was a political attack and aftermath of the tragedy. >> i do not think he knows what he is talking about, frankly. >> notably of other republicans did not echo from thes
to bring to your nose. this is very rare. >> we had 32 cases in the united states after several million people being in the water. you need to keep your nose close off when you are in the water. >> trained a scheme the pitcher is you just saw was hit in the head. well right now he is under the knife. we will have more ahead. >>justine: nearly three years after the gang rape of a high-school girl on high school campus one of the three men pleaded guilty. >> or take a will be sentenced for 32 years up prison after raping a girl on richmond high school campus. he raped a 15 year old girl. he beat her, brought her and urinated on her nude body. nobody call the police. authorities say that there is finally some justice for the victim. he was the one that perpetrated the sexual acts. five others are still locked up and waiting for their court dates. >> the family as aware of this. the victim who is now 18 moved out of richmond. she just wants to move on with life. they will let out or taken out when he is 47 years old. >> >>justine: forecasters are warning that hurricane leslie can pack a
>> today marks a 225th birthday of the united states constitution. it is one of the oldest written constitutions in the world. >> as san diego high school student has come up with a unique senior prank. this shooting came up with this idea after watching his pet rabbits. the to do about three weeks to build it. and maybe one of the largest tense to real-- wheel. he did this because it was not as destructive as previous cranks. >> there is a man and when this thing on his trip from san francisco on amtrak care and it's been 1 years in the occupied 7 cisco. >> the middle east as more attacks. >> will have more on the stories coming up. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? yes, ma'am. 100 calories. yea...i'm gonna need some proof. we get that a lot... let me put you on webcan... see? hearty vegetables... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth that tastes indulgent -- but isn't... so feel free to enjoy a bowl anytime. mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] pr
then the world as been captivated by the transformation that has taken place. the united states has supported the forces of change. we were inspired by the tunisian protests that toppled dictator because we recognize our own beliefs and the aspiration of men and women that took to the streets. we insisted on changing egypt because our support for democracy suspect was on the side of the people. we support his transition of leadership in yemen because the people were no longer being served by a corrupt status quo. we intervened in libya alongside a broad coalition with the mandate of the united nations security council council because we have the ability to stop the slaughter of innocents and because we believe the aspirations of the people were more powerful than the tyrant. as we meet here we again declare that the real shame of bosch are lsi must come to an end so that the suffering of the syrian people can come to an end and a new beginning can begin. we have taken these positions because we believe freedom and self- determination are not unique to one culture. this are simply not american
. no act of violence will shake the resolve of the united states. >> i have directed my administration to do whatever is necessary to protect all americans. >> libyan and leaders have since apologized for the attacks. calling the attacks cowardly and criminal. mitt romney is continuing to speak out but backing down a bit about his stance of the president showed weakness. he accused the president of basically sympathizing with those who attacked if u.s. diplomats in the middle east. in a rally yesterday chose to focus on his grief for the victims. firstfirst and >>darya: it looks like we're headed for some nice and warm weather. >>erica: it looks like we'll have changes by sending. today will be nice as will saturday with tempers that actually reaches the '90s. we are tracking a ridge of high pressure. temperatures could be a little bit below the seasonal average. here is a look at the numbers right outside the door. satellite and radar shows cloud cover really leading the area serious sunshine inland in temperatures for the most part will be a little bit cooler compared to yesterday
:30 p.m. it has been 11 years since the 911 attacks on the united states. a look at how americans are remembering this state. this part of a rivalry through a handshake. last year's 49ers game ended with some controversy. a preview of sunday's game coming up in sports. >>pam: here is a live look at ground zero. in new york city, 11 years ago, the twin towers stood in this very spot. >>pam: the president and first lady spend the day marking the anniversary of the day that changed >> as painful as this they always will be, and leaves us with a lesson. >> the traditions associated with the 911 anniversary include observing a moment of silence. >> at ground zero family members were the names of the people killed there. >> one of the heroes is from the bay area. those passengers brought the plane down before it could reach the nation's capital. >> i a.m very happy that americans and people worldwide remember the travesty and devastation of the general 11th 2001. >> there will always be a little bit of anger about the way we lost mark. >> he was an amazing and extraordinary per
speak. ladies and jim mann the national anthem of the united states. >> let us now pray. remember the events of september 11, 2001. we pray for all of those that grief today. those that came to rescue, to save and protect. those names who are etched into this memorial. we will go back live into the pentagon in just a few moments. here is live in new york city. no politicians will be speaking today due to being preserved for the family. it will take the time to read the names of all the people lost their lives. back to bay area news. here is a video the former alameda. the california state treasurer. the couple has filed for divorce. the police found drugs at the home in orange county. i am extremely happy to be receiving the help that i need i am focusing on getting healthy. i hope to inspire many comments men and others to do the same. locked there has pleaded not guilty to the charges. it >> and the man who is accused of kidnapping his kids and taking off in a sailboat has made his first court x appearance. no cameras were allowed in the courtroom yesterday of 43 christopher mcv
and freezing to the united states open. i'm done! "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do you guys think i'm "momtacular" or "momtrocious"? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. now with the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser. people but in >>gary: in the last month, overall, more times than not i know people say the yankees are not, but whatever business you're in, television, restaurant or sports, the more money you have, it gives you more margin for error. and the giants could still have a good year. >> the 49ers in green bay on sunday, what you think? >> it is going to be terrific. a lot of people think the 49ers will make it to the super bowl. green bay has the best quarterback in the game. if they were playing in san francisco i would vote for the 49ers, since they're playing in green bay i would probably give the packers the edge. >>gary: if they pay you, i
and body this all of our organization by serving united states. >> he was somebody that you wanted to hang out with him was a true peacemaker. i was proud when he became ambassador to libya. >>mark: rehearsing protests and ejected as well as yemen. it was sparked by a video that disrespects their profit. >>darya: still ahead on the cot, and for morning news is preparing for the i own. -- preparing for the new iphone. back a minute. save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>james: apple unveiled the iphone five. the mystery as ever. it is lighter and thinner. it also has a larger screen. it is also for g. -- 4g it is made entirely of glass and aluminum. it is unlike anything that we are anyone in our industry has made before. i would say it's not an exaggeration the amount of engineering that is gone into this project was the most challenging the martinez taken on. >>james: it is expected in stores on september 21st thin >>d
: as the reno williams is on to the semifinals in the united states open. >>pam: have a good evening. we're back at 11:00 p.m.. i'm done! "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do you guys think i'm "momtacular" or "momtrocious"? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. now with the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser. now with the scrubbing power i used to be a spy until... [ cellphone rings ] man: we got a burn notice. you're blacklisted. when you're burned, you've got nothing -- no cash, no credit, no job history. you're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in. where am i? miami. you do whatever work comes your way. you rely on anyone who's still talking to you. a trigger-happy ex-girlfriend... should we shoot them? old friend who used to inform on you to the fbi... you know spies -- a bunch of bitchy little girls., too... is that your mom
of the recession and america's new energy boom. in fact the united states is the third largest producer of oil in the world today. oil production has jumped 13%. because of advances in technology. hydraulic fracturing core fracking can. extract oil from shale rock. and from the gulf of mexico it is bringing even more oil! with those advances, the largest consumer of crude oil needs more than it produces. 29 percent of the imported oil comes from right next door. from the area of canada and 90% comes from mexico, venezuela and 14 percent of the imports are coming from saudi arabia. president obama and mitt romney want to clean it off of its dependence on foreign oil. expanding domestic oil production is crucial but there are key differences in the approach. >> meeting the goal of cutting our oil dependence is on to the things. first, to find and produce more oil at home and the second is to reduce of our overall dependence on foreign oil. with cleaner alternatives. >> curbing consumption is one of his " deep ministration posing 54 gal. per mile on carmakers. and also alternate forms of energy t
jones average of about 6 percent this week. pretty quiet day. the united states is down but japan is kind of race at the bottom. gold has general mills up today that's great. microsoft increased its dividends. there's some good nuggets out today. we had good numbers today, not gangbuster numbers but there has been improvement. a little disappointing on the numbers a more impressive group is what we wanted. permits were down a little bit, but permits tend to be down a little bit over these months. apartments were down about 5 percent per cent. we want to stop living with mom and dad, we want to live in our own house. construction will never be what it was to the u.s. economy what it was 10 years ago. recovery is nice. new stars on malls which is good for the business and go. single- family home construction is up. the home builders have done a very good job of managing expectations. apple watched as we continue. 6 million is the magic number. they are expecting 6 million iphone to sell. if it is low is that considered a disappointment? the iphone 5 reviews are coming out there sayi
to all islamic nations. >> the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. >>catherine: and iran, hundreds screen to death to america and converged outside of the swiss embassy. the anti-american violence keeps spreading. iraq is one of the other hot spots. back in libya, there is or that authorities have made at least one arrest in the killing of four american embassy workers. aside from the ambassador, we know that american diplomats on smith was also killed and four mark navy seal team 6 lent the party was also killed. the ambassadors have said that the family is devastated. >> i've lost a son. i know they're going through right now. >>catherine: the president said today, the attack on the u. s. embassy in libya will not go unpunished and says his administration will do what is necessary to protect americans serving abroad. all american diplomatic posts remain on high alert. >>pam: ahead at 5:00 p.m., a suspect in a crash that killed one pedestrian injured another is out of jail. what investigators are saying. we also have encouraging news about the
husband to become president of the united states. >>pam: in order for democrats to move for, what are they going to have to do? >> mitt romney has solidified his base, it is all about the undecided middle. this is answering the question the republicans have placed squarely in from americans, are you better off. democrats have the answer, are we better off? >> there is a lot of diversity in the audience. >> this election is about turning out the base. democrats have to get fired up and get people out there. >>pam: you'd want uninterrupted commercial free coverage of the democratic national convention on our new news channel, comcast 193. >>jaqueline: we have some changes in the weather as we move into tomorrow. the remnants of tropical cyclone john moving of the coast in bringing has increased chances of thunderstorms. into thursday the cloudiness remains. friday we're back to our to the kobe area pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine and temperatures in the '70s and '80s. future tests showing of cloud and is increasing to the afternoon. by 6:00 p.m., the north it will
hot spots on the northwest and northeast northeast corner now contains low income housing units. state officials are concerned about developments and build a high rise community. that remember, that this is completely man- made. let me show you the potential areas of concern. this is the bay bridge. this is all north-west portions of the island and housing that is already near som some of tha area. and also the waste water treatment place section of the northwestern section of the island. the plans call for up to $20 and people to be a occupying that island with 20,000 people. many high rises are going to be built right were the potentially contaminated sites are. and the city of san francisco owns treasure island will be investing the potential contamination. >> thank you, mark. >> good morning. we are going to take a live look at current conditions for oakland. this is closer to the coliseum with cloud coverage. with those chilly conditions we have started in the upper 40's in the north bay. still, 40's for napa. and a chilly start so certainly you could use a jacket, a sweater. beli
definitely say this is a fruitful business. ysabel: the president of egypt says the united states needs to make efforts to mend the relationship. he said it is up to washington to repair the relationship with the arab world. >>marty: a crowd took it the matters in their own hands. the group evacuated the base. the state news agency said that at least four people were dead. libya's president's is ordering disbandment of illegal militias. ysabel: there is more a head as people took to the streets to march for peace and oakland. >> >>marty: the purple onion is closing. we will have more on that will come back. i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy... but not just cheese - mac and cheese. then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. save up to 35% of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>marty: peace rally is scheduled and oakland calling for peace in the city.
to will be the next president of the united states, but what kind of country we will have. >> won a new poll says the president is now leading romney 52%-44 percent among likely voters in ohio. as for the president he is also headed back to ohio and the college towns of bowling green and cancer. more good news about the housing market one index said home prices went up 1.6% between june and july. that is the the third straight month of improvements. that is not the end of it. the average price of homes in those markets have returned to their best levels in nine years low mortgage rates and a tighter supply of available homes are being credited with lifting prices. >> temperatures this afternoon are right where we expected them to be. >> here is a look at temperatures tomorrow. year is a look expected highs. for the coastline of fog will cling on into the afternoon. temperatures will be quite cool, low 60s and even upper 50s and places like half moon bay. temperatures mainly in the '70s tomorrow afternoon. sunshine the and warmer temperatures back into the 90s in our inland valleys and '70s alon
against the united states embassies across the middle east. this was caused by a video made here in california. secretary of state hillary clinton spoke moments ago calling the protests that were sparked by the video and calling the video disgusting and apprehensible, but no excuse for violence in this state that the u.s. does not prohibit free speech the matter how distasteful. here is video showing some of the riots that have taken place writing in a ron, yemen, we have seen three days of protests. this is all because of this video. we also saw the protests and big guns the -- and bad gauzy. this anti islamic video was produced here in california. here are some of the clips. >> the actors in the film say the word duped. this video has been blocked in middle eastern, trees. -- countries theory will be right back. save up to 35% on a huge selection of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who
her neighbor was passing through 6 s.d. and that was encouraging to know that is all over the united states. >> twice a week for almost six months the search effort is finding new places to look. this search has become more refined but teams poking into hidden culverts and ravines. they are looking into even more remote terrain. he has been a part of every search except to. >> it is satisfying for me. i will keep on going until they tell me that is it. >> rob fladeboe, kron4 news. >>pam: even the sierra lamar has not been found, investigators are convinced that she was kidnapped and murdered by this man, antolin garcia torres. he is awaiting trial in santa clara. dna evidence was found in his car which investigators say it link him to sierra lamar. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the mt. tam cam. a lot of cloud cover, a lot of upper level clouds this afternoon as well as fog closer to a close friend. if we have been seeing this body thundershowers. satellite shows cloud cover streaming and with. as we look at radar we can see plenty of shower activity around the ba
champions in a great yesterday afternoon. death of the ended their right as a second printing in the united states and third of the world. fox off >> of elected officials on hand miss this fifth. thoughtful >> ab area world series is not out the oakland a's are going video west. that is habit in a bit lately. they had a big victory against the red sox >> . the giants are on track as well adding to their lead in the nl west. flight yesterday because us call have thought your if hall crackhouse this caused >>darya: the actor russell crowe had to be rescued. it was kayaking of long island with it to the loss hoax cox and >>darya: did with the concurrence of the talk got at the top office. and rounding out the top three comedy expendable and. >>james: coming up, more local headlines. here is a clear shot in san francisco. the golden gate as those a lot of fog. downtown, loose guys, it works like a good day. coifs caught i'm a native californian. times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we
to see that it is starting to come back. and that it was a good investment for the united states government. not much of a story for a i g but the u.s. government could show a bit of a recovery from the collapse. many people doubted that we could have seen it this day. >> 400,000 children out of class in chicago. this it difficult portion. >> you can see that we could see that city's could start taking back you need to be careful on what to expect. >> just like jay leno and now he is showing that this show was not going that well. >> it is a bit of a weird story. the budget is gone from $100 million. and nbc/universal is operated by comcast i did not think that he is as noble. it is believed to be ratings. comcast is a bit more stingy with dollars. >> we could live on the $15 million paycheck that he earns! >> it is been sunny, warm. on the bay bridge toll plaza where we are seeing sunny skies and even along the golden gate. clear conditions and a sliver of this fog remaining but you can see more sunshine and cloud coverage from the bridge. clear skies and the wind out of the nor
began after a trailer was released. >> this is not a film that the united states government had anything to do with. >> the filmmaker lives in california and has been identified. authorities say he has a criminal past and many aliases. >> another bird has tested positive for the west mild virus. this one, in pleasant hoax park in pleasant hill, we will give you a look at where the bird was found. officials say they are increasingly concerned that this year could be one of the worst in recent memories. that makes 41 birds so far this year that have been found dead. >> contra costa vector control says although the virus has not reached its peak yet, the numbers are alarming grief >> right now we have four times as many mosquitos and nearly double the amount of birds have tested positive this year than last year at this time. >> why the big numbers? clean the weather. we had a very dry spring and a lot of warm weather in the mosquito's all of the heat. , at less quito's can go to their life cycle in dazzling siri exit at the marxist fetuses >> a few degrees cooler in the nort
,005 under 78. analysts say encouraging news about housing in the united states helped to boost investor confidence. >> existing homes and construction numbers came out today. purchases of previously owned homes was up 7.8%. that is a good number. record low mortgage rates in the growing population. it is not how but definitely not cold. 27 percent of purchases are cash. that is three times the normal. home builders are doing well on this news. it is good to see more americans working. >> ikea is opening more stores. >> ikea will double the case of their new stores. in this day and age lawyer about companies downsizing, this is the company expanding. >> bill gates and warren buffett plan to give away their fortunes during their lifetimes. this on to blower is making a charter schools. >>mark: quarterback vince young was third in the draft six years ago and signed a 26 $9 contract. he is done with football and out of money? >> 26 million in revenue in salary, 30 million in endorsements. he had a bad advice and his adam's agent, signing checks for him, he's teratogens up with the wro
that cannot support him and to not want him here. certainly they do not want to be president of the united states. we need to give president obama for more years. four more years. >> as you know he has been here before and guests are paying $1,000-$1,000- $100,000 to meet him. in hillsborough, dan kerman, kron 4. >> as we take a look at the campaign check on the tarmac at s f o. he is going to that fund raiser in hillsboro for that fund raiser. he is in the bay area with complete details for all of our newscast. we will be back. c1c1 c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 ;; >>pam: f. to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. it is part of fleet week festivities sponsored by cheap and hosted by george rask and mark and sponsored by jeep.. c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1 c1c1c1c1c1c1chello?1c1c1c1c1c1c1 the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easi
are crisscrossing the united states . we will update you on mitt romney is bay area visit . >> a lot of people talking about this morning ,, one of th most memorable fights ,, shuttl endeavor cruising around the bay area . we have all of that on video and more on the shuttle's final destination . for >>jan: the film festival will be later on in mill valley . i have already seen a couple of these movies . amazing . the festivals are where you see a lot of imported films . the movie the master is one that there was a hot and about it is a new clint eastwood movie about baseball . >> here is a live shot from the golden gate bridge . janu >> la are still dealing with a blanket and low cloud cover . clear skies ,, sunny and warm . mostly clear into the evening as well fourth a touch of fog over the bay and into the north bay . a lot of sunshine to of the bay area . it will gradually pushing in into the overnight hours . cahow >>marty: a second night of violence from the san francisco mission district . here is the scene from last night ,, there , , he conceded and other damage done to the build
ahmadinejad is set to address a general assembly today. he accused the united states of bullying and dominating. as the president takes the stage he may not have much of an audience as many world leaders are expected to walk out in protest when he takes the podium. mary ann hopkins has the report. >> this will likely be mount mauna that the jobs last year in a speech. president obama told the general assembly that on tuesday are ron has a failed time and again to demonstrate its nuclear program as peaceful and me get you in obligations. >> america wants to s resolve this situation peacefully. make a mistake not clear on the kron is not a challenge that can be contained. >> on the cam paying trail republican mitt romney said president's approach to a run has not worked. >> we need to show the kind of action that suggest to them we are serious about what we are saying. >> president clinton said he does not believe runs program is only for peaceful purposes as the country insist. >> the trust out within a shot, not on this i do not. >> i have been coming to the united nations genera
there yet in the united states this may help us have more bacon. the summer crop was so with slaughter more pigs and i believe bacon was save the world. there is no bacon shortage. you can look for rob black sessions on our comp has won 93. teaching temperatures are back in the '90s. >> down in the south bay temperatures r pin and the low 80s. let's take a look at the coast line temperatures were at 56 degrees. would it is still very warm in santa rosa. it is mild down in the south bay. let's take a look at our satellite pitcher. tomorrow we will actually see cooler temperatures. as we move into the weekend we will have much warmer weather. saturday and sunday even along the coastline it will be above the seven days. it will be near a hundred degrees for the inland valley. upper '70's and low 80s for los gatos. for our inland valley it will be still about 84 degrees. far east bayshore we will see a mixture of '60s and '70s. 72 in hayward and the fall will stay with us along the coastline. we will see temperatures in the '70s. 81 and napa. let's take a look at our extended forecast. we will
's is when the united states about the fiscal cliff coming at the end of the year and another possible downgrade. >> this would mean higher borrowing costs. >>mark: this has allowed congress to behave badly. family will get there. >>mark: health insurance premiums are climbing? that is one of today's losers. what is going on with the new health-care law? >> down the road it should stop a double digit increases. since 2002, health-care costs have increased 95% for a family of four. there are also higher deductibles. in large part people do not want to spend their deductibles or co-payments. >> right now mattel is teaming up with royal caribbean offer the barbie premium experience crews. >>mark: adidas is a winner. >> the london olympics is very good. nike has come out with a new patent for collecting data from golf clubs and issues. nike is a dominant player, the this is a story on adidas. >>darya: let's go to erica for a look at the weather. >>erica: it looks like we are seeing plenty of cloud cover as we take a live look at conditions for mt. tam. we are socked in the fog ove
and universities. there is not a country on earth that would not trade places with the united states. our problems can be solved and our challenges can be met. >>darya: there is the president talking about the fact that it can happen. he will unveil how he wants that to happen with new action targeted chinese subsidies. we will continue to keep our eyes and ears attuned to the president. >>mark: george rask is watching of the problem on the san mateo bridge. >> that is right. we still have lanes blocked on the west end of the great. traffic is backed up across the stand. did not headed this direction. use the dumbarton bridge of san francisco oakland bay bridge as an alternate. the kron4 morning news will be right back. stocks with we [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day, within each strand of an oat's rhythmical sway. when an apple's vibrant red temptation, and honey's sweet touch of golden sensation, join together with a pecan crunch you'll savor, creating the most perfect lesson in flavor. ♪ nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. nature valley, nature a
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